iVA Series

iVA Series

Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The iVA series Cable & Antenna Analyzer is an exciting new product from Kaelus that enables users to accurately measure and locate VSWR/return loss faults in their RF infrastructure. The wireless connectivity allows unprecedented measurement flexibility and opens up new & important possibilities in sweep testing and multi-port testing.The iVA is a rugged battery operated module that can be remotely controlled with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smart phone, laptop computer or any of our iPA series Portable Passive Intermodulation analyzers.


  • Reinventing site certification sweep testing, dramatically reducing test time on site
  • Directly measure insertion loss and isolation when using multiple iVAs. Measure calculated insertion loss with a single iVA and an RF short
  • Accurately measure swept VSWR/return loss and Distance-to- Fault in RF path
  • Simple and robust Bluetooth connection to a tablet PC or connect with USB or Bluetooth to a laptop computer
  • Connect directly to the device under test; eliminates the need for a phase stable cable in most cases
  • Uses the Kaelus customer-proven iPA reporting workflow & tagging features to facilitate a faster, simpler and more efficient workflow
  • With the Kaelus iPA controlling the iVA, your RL data can be combined with your PIM data into a single report. Reports are combined and completed on-site with no post-processing required
  • Simple to operate, highly intuitive software user interface with the unique ability to generate and complete the test report onsite
  • Geotag each test point, insert a Google Maps® snapshot directly into the report
  • Handy Spectrum Monitor mode for interference checking
  • Stimulus mode allows iVA to be used as a signal generator. Can be configured to cycle through a number of frequencies, with a user-defined dwell time at each frequency.

technical specifications
key specifications
iVA analysis modesReturn loss, VSWR, Cable loss, Distance-to-fault (DTF), Transmission loss, Isolation, Spectrum monitor, Channel power
Frequency range560MHz - 2750MHz
Minimum frequency increment1kHz all modes
Number of measurement points1 to 2191
DC power consumption
Return loss mode4.7W
Transmission mode4.7W
Spectrum monitor mode3.7W
Standby (Idle)0.6W
BatteryLithium-Ion 3.6V, 2350 mAh, 8.5Wh
Battery charging methodUSB-compatible power source connected to USB port of iVA
Battery operating time8 Hours at typical usage factor
iva analysis mode - return loss
Sweep speed4ms per frequency point
RF Output power0dBm ± 3dB
Return loss dynamic range40dB
VSWR Dynamic range1 - 100:1
Cable loss measurement range*0 - 20dB
Return loss measurement accuracyApplies over the temperature range −10°C to +45°C, with less than 5°C deviation from calibration temperature.
0 - 10dB ± 0.4dB
10 - 20dB ± 0.6dB
20 - 30dB ± 1.5dB
30 - 40dB ± 4.0dB
Calibrated directivity43dB typical
Interference immunity +10dBm at 500kHz offset from stimulus frequency
System impedance50ohms
* Cable loss can be measured either as a 1-port measurement, with the far end of the cable terminated in an open or short circuit, or directly measured for increased accuracy as a 2-port measurement using a second iVA
iva analysis mode - multi-port transmission (optional feature)
Sweep speed 10ms per frequency point
RF Output power0dBm ± 3dB
Dynamic range90dB
Transmission loss measurement accuracyAccuracy specifications only applicable where return loss of DUT is greater than 10dB.
0 - 10dB± 1dB
10 - 60dB± 2dB
60 - 90dB± 3dB
Interference immunity
0 - 60dB-5dBm at 500kHz offset from stimulus frequency
60 - 100dB-25dBm at 500kHz offset from stimulus frequency
NoteThe iVA offers a novel multi-port S-parameter test capability using multiple iVAs. Up to 7 units can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth, while up to 32 can be connected via USB. As an example, 6 iVAs could be used to perform measurements on a multi-port antenna. This configuration would cover all 36 transmission pathways (6x6), including the return loss at each port (6 measurements), and the transmission loss between every possible pair of ports (30 measurements). Return loss measurements made by the iVA contain both magnitude and phase information, while transmission loss measurements are limited to magnitude only.
iva analysis mode - spectrum monitor
Sweep speed 2ms per frequency point
Measurement range
Low power range-35 to -115dBm (software default)
High power range +20 to -50dBm
Receiver noise figure (low power range)15dB
Resolution bandwidth20kHz
Displayed average noise level (RBW = 20kHz)-115dBm low power range, -50dBm high power range
Measurement accuracy ±3dB
Maximum input power without damage+23dBm
Input IP3 (low power range)+18dBm
Interference immunity
Low power range−25dBm at 500kHz offset from stimulus frequency (software default)
High power range−5dBm at 500kHz offset from stimulus frequency
Return loss at iVA test port10dB minimum / 15dB typical
Channel power Measurement modesCW
stimulus mode
Number of carriers
Dwell time
RF output power0dBm ± 3dB
instrument control
User interface USB or Bluetooth supported user device with iVA application software installed
Supported DevicesiPA Portable PIM Analyzer
Tablet computer (iOS & Android)
Smartphone (iOS & Android)
PC, Windows 7,8 & 10 running .NET verson 4 or later
Communications interface to iVABluetooth and USB 2.0
Bluetooth antennaIntegrated into housing
Maximum input power on RF port+23dBm maximum, DC voltage ±30V
Dimensions H x D x W52 x 69.5 x 216mm | 2.06 x 2.73 x 8.51in
Weight0.68kg | 1.5 lbs
Connector 1RF test port - Type N male, 50ohms
Connector 2USB 2.0 Mini-B (for charging and connection to iPA or PC)
Mechanical Shock & VibrationMIL-PRF-28800F Class 2, ETS 300 019-2-1, -2, -7
Temperature range-10°C to +55°C | +14°F to +131°F (operational)
Ingress protectionIP54
Altitude4600m | 15,000ft maximum
ComplianceEMC- EN 61326-1:2013, EN 61326-2-1:2013, EN 55022:2010 “Class A”
EN 61000-4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5, 4-6, 4-11
Safety- EN 61010-1:2012, EN 61010-030:2012
Operational humidity5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Storage temperature range-20°C to +60°C | -4°F to +140°F
ordering information
Part NumberDescription
iVA-0627A-NCiVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System with Neoprene Soft Case
iVA-0627A-HCiVA Cable and Antenna Analyzer System with Hard Case
iVA-0627A-BKiVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System with Basic Accessory Kit
iVA-0627A-SK-02iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System with Standard Accessory Kit
iVA-0627A-PK-02iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System with Premium Accessory Kit
accessory kits
iAK-0200A-00Single unit Hard Case Kit, USB Cables and Charger
iAK-0200A-01Single unit Hard Case Kit w/ Adaptors, USB Cables and Charger
iAK-0200A-02Single unit Hard Case Kit w/ Adaptors and N Type Female Calibration Kit, USB Cables and Charger
-03 N Type Male Calibration Kit
-04 DIN Female Calibration Kit
-05 DIN Male Calibration Kit
iAK-0210A-02Premium Hard Case Kit w/ Adaptors, Calibration Kit, Phase Stable Cable, USB Cables and Charger
-03 N Type Male Calibration Kit
-04 DIN Female Calibration Kit
-05 DIN Male Calibration Kit
how to order
Kaelus offers our customers a variety of channels to fit their network and delivery requirements:
 Direct from Kaelus -contact our customer service team at +1.303.768.8080 or toll free at +1.800.498.1352 for technical support, unit pricing and availability.
 Distribution Partners: Our US and Canada distribution partners have the full line of iVA series products available for your use. Contact informationcan be found on our website under partners at www.kaelus.com.
mechanical interface