Microdata-Telecom-logo.jpgMicrodata Telecom is now Kaelus!

After 39 years, we decided to change our brand from Microdata Telecom to Kaelus.

In October 2019 we acquired Kaelus, and in January 2020 Filtronic Antenna Operations. 
We have now expanded not only our business but our offering and geographical reach.


We strongly believe that by operating under one global brand we will clarify our strengthened position in the telecom market and from January 18th 2021 - we are Kaelus.

Going forward our vision is to set a new standard of excellence in Antenna System performance for 5G and beyond, empowering the connected society of tomorrow. We do this by providing next-generation Antenna, RF Conditioning and PIM Test & Measurement solutions that are tailored to customer needs. Always backed by excellent PIM Performance.

Want to know more about the history of the Company today named Kaelus? 

Microdata Telecom was a Swedish telecom company, founded in 1981, operating in the global wireless infrastructure market. Microdata Telecom was the parent company of the world's leading TMA and filter manufacturer LGP Telecom.

In Oct 2019, Kaelus became part of the Microdata Telecom Group. 
In Dec 2019, Microdata Telecom announced the acquisition of Filtronic Telecoms Antenna Operations. 

When looking into the history of Kaelus, you will find that the origin of Kaelus stems from Filtronic Australia which was founded back in 1995. 
In 2005 Triasx was formed as a management buy-out with 35 staff. In 2008 Smiths Interconnect acquired Triasx, and in 2010 Kaelus was formed by the combination of four entities each with a legacy of excellence in RF technology; Triasx, Allrizon, Track Microwave and Summitek. Track Microwave was focused on waveguides and isolators/circulators and Summitek was focused on PIM instruments.  

In May 2017, Infinite Electronics announced that it had acquired Smith Interconnect's Microwave Telecom business (SMT) from the Smith Group. SMT included the Kaelus brand. Kaelus and Microdata Telecom engaged in a business partnership in the following years and Microdata Telecom acquired Kaelus from Infinite Electronics in October 2019.