Webinar: External PIM mitigation
- 2-port PIM Finder Solution

MAR 2, 2022

Do you want to know more about Passive Intermodulation and External PIM? Are you part of a crew dealing with the difficult task of mitigating external PIM on B17 and B14 sites?

Kaelus is delighted to invite you to watch its online webinar  External PIM mitigation – Kaelus 2-Port PIM Finder Solution that took place in March 2022. 

Watch the on-demand recording now!   

Christine Blair, VP of R&D for Kaelus Test and Measurement and Tom Bell, Executive VP of Product Line management for ConcealFab discuss External PIM Finding and mitigation process for B14 and B17.

The agenda cover the following:

  • Why is External PIM an increasing concern?
  • The key Aspect of External PIM finding
  • External PIM finding: What do I need?
  • External PIM mitigation Process using Kaelus PIM Finder Solution and ConcealFab material.

Watch the webinar now!