Microdata-Telecom-logo.jpgThe Microdata Telecom Group is your partner for RF performance excellence. We offer cost effective front-end technology solutions for base station sites and PIM Test & Measument solutions to OEM and Network Operators, in order to improve radio coverage, capacity and quality of mobile communication networks.

Microdata Telecom’s focus is RF conditioning products, BTS Antennas and PIM Test & Measurement solutions. We offer you the best PIM performance available in the market (- 165 dB), higher RF performance, better cell coverage and less dropped calls. In-house development assures best possible performance and a short time to market.

Since Oct 2019 Kaelus is part of Microdata Telecom. In January 2020 the Telecom Antenna Operations was acquired from Filtronics and the offering incorporated in the Kaelus portfolio.