Kaelus Launches New 850MHz Same Band Combiner for LTE Overlay

MAY 23, 2017

Hayden, ID (May 23, 2017) — Kaelus announced today the launch of the DBC0111F2V62-1 B-band 5MHz LTE Overlay Same Band Combiner. Designed to combine two 850MHz base stations within B-band, the DBC0111F2V62-1 is a Same Band Combiner solution with low insertion loss, high return loss and excellent passive intermodulation performance in a frequency/performance efficient IP67 capable package.

“The DBC0111 offers a new performance benchmark for multi-technology Same Band Combining at 850MHz,” said Brian Wixon, Product Line Manager. “Being much smaller and lighter than conventional Same Band Combiners in this frequency range, while offering outdoor operational capability is another example of how Kaelus is committed to offering our customers with superior value solutions.”

Offering low insertion loss of 1.0dB/1.1dB typical, high return loss of ≥20dB, CDMA-LTE isolation of ≥30dB, and specified nominal/maximum levels of EVM by technology, the DBC0111F2V62-1 Same Band Combiner utilizes an extremely efficient filter solution resulting in a physically smaller/lighter twin combiner, which helps support Kaelus’ high volume manufacturing capability. The DBC0111F2V62-1 twin unit supports 2-branches worth of LTE + CDMA radio combining while meeting the latest Verizon overlay planning directives.

Product Features:

  • Meets Verizon’s 850MHz B-band LTE overlay plan:
    • 5MHz LTE carriers at CH20585 (UL) and CH2585 (DL)
    • CDMA F1/F2/F3/F8 (UL & DL) carriers
  • Outstanding value
  • Excellent RF performance
  • IP67 outdoor rating
  • DC Auto Sense for DC/AISG routing with visual LED status indicators
  • Twin unit supports 2-branch CDMA + LTE radio combining

For additional information on the DBC0111F2V62-1 Same Band Combiner or to request a quote, please contact Kaelus at +1.303.768.8080.



About Kaelus
Kaelus, a Infinite Electronics Inc. company, is a recognized leader in test and measurement instruments, cell-site filters, combiners and tower mounted amplifiers. Kaelus was formed in 2010 by the combination of four entities each with a legacy of excellence in filtering technology. Kaelus continues to provide the telecommunications industry with high-quality, low PIM products that enable effective global communication. For more information, visit www.kaelus.com.