600MHz PIM Testing Capability Added to iBA Series 40W Analyzer

NOV 20, 2018

HAYDEN, IDAHO – Kaelus, a leading supplier of high-quality, PIM test and measurement instruments and RF conditioning solutions, has launched a 600MHz bench PIM analyzer as an addition to the iBA Series 40W PIM Analyzer used in manufacturing, test and engineering development.

An extension of the existing iBA 40W Series, the 600MHz analyzer is designed for testing of products that are intended for the North American 600MHz band.

“The new range of the Kaelus 40W iBA allows the user to configure the iBA for multi-band single port testing by adding an external combiner/switch system”, said Tony Langelaan, product line manager. “The 40W output provides sufficient power to overcome the losses in the combining system and test cables, allowing for quicker PIM testing, thus increasing factory throughput.”

Two new models are now available for order:

  • 600C Series: single port, reverse IM
  •  600D Series: dual port, forward and reverse IM on ports 1 and 2

Full iBA 40 W Product Features:

  • Fully integrated system in compact size (10.4 x 20 x 19 in)
  • Fully controllable frequencies, power and IM productsUSB control interface
  • Frequency sweep and time trace modes
  • +46dBm output power
  • Range-to-Fault (RTF) optional accessory allowing user to measure Return Loss and PIM fault
  • Optional internal DC/ASIG Bias Tee provides control of AISG devices

For detailed information on this product, please visit https://www.kaelus.com/en/test-measurement-solutions/bench-pim-testing/iba-series-40w.

For inquiries, Kaelus can be contacted at +1-303-768-8080.   

About Kaelus
Kaelus is a globally recognized leader in test and measurement instruments, cell-site filters, combiners and tower-mounted amplifiers. Formed in 2010, Kaelus provides the telecommunications industry with high-quality, testing and conditioning products that enable global communication. Kaelus is an Infinite Electronics brand.

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