Kaelus helps operators boost 5G uplink, launches 3.5 GHz TDD TMA

SEP 17, 2020

Kaelus, a Microdata Telecom brand, today announced the world’s first TDD Tower Mounted Amplifier for 3.5GHz  to support mobile operators rolling out 5G coverage.

GSMA states in their report “5G implementation guidelines” that a majority of the 5G NR networks rolled out so far experience uplink challenges. The TDD TMA for 5G systems addresses the issues of uplink and downlink imbalance by amplifying the uplink signal. This leads to a better signal to noise ratio, allowing a higher coding scheme to be used, thereby increasing the throughput.

The Kaelus Telecom TDD TMA features a unique design for fast Tx/Rx switching maintaining high data throughput. The TDD TMA for 3.5 GHz is available in two versions, 8x8 MIMO or 4x4 MIMO.

The TDD TMA portfolio includes solutions for 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz systems

For detailed information on the TDD TMA for 3.5 GHz - please visit https://www.kaelus.com/en/rf-conditioning-solutions/tower-mounted-amplifiers/ka-1004

“The need for fast Tx/Rx switching in the TDD TMA have been solved by our team in the most innovative way – now customers around the world can benefit from this cost- and time efficient solution to the uplink challenges in 5G implementations ” says Martin Lundhagen, CTO Microdata Telecom.

“5G technology will revolutionize the telecom industry and we are proud to help telecom operators with one of the tougher challenges to roll out 5G access networks, the weaker uplink”, says Peter Sandberg, CEO Microdata Telecom.

About Kaelus
Kaelus is a globally recognized leader in test and measurement instruments, cell-site filters, combiners and tower-mounted amplifiers. Kaelus provides the telecommunications industry with high-quality, low PIM products that enable effective global communication. For more information, visit www.kaelus.com.

About Microata Telecom
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, MicrodataTelecom offers a broad range of Antenna System and RF solutions, serving the telecommunications markets. Operating under the Kaelus and Microdata Telecom brand the company serves a global customer base with deep technical expertise and innovative front-end solutions, that are based on advanced design and deliver outstanding PIM performance. For more information, visit www.microdatatelecom.com.

Press Contact:
Helene Birknert
Microdata Telecom Stockholm, Sweden