The Kaelus PDU0003 has been designed to distribute power in the BTS environment for up to six tower mounted amplifiers and provides alarm indications through LED and output relays.


  • 22V through 60 V DC input range
  • Up to six +12V DC LNA output ports
  • LED status indicators for each individual TMA
  • Self learning current ability
  • 19 inch rack mounting
  • Summary relay alarm output

technical specifications
Voltage requirement Any polarity, 22 - 60V
Maximum input current 3A
Input protection Fuse (slow blow)
Output voltage 12V nominal
Output voltage tolerance 10.8V minimum, 12.8V maximum
Operating current window Learned value at time of reset ±30mA
Minimum learnable current range 50 - 480mA per channel
Output Current, channels 1 ~ 3 900mA maximum
Output Current, channels 4 ~ 6 900mA maximum
alarm and led indicators
Individual TMA status LED's (6x) green Power on, TMA OK, (TMA is powered)
TMA status (6x) amber, red, orange, off See Alarms Window Table
PDU Input power status green PSU OK
PDU Input power status red PSU FAIL
Input-output isolation 500V DC
Alarm sense (major alarm contacts only) De-energized on TMA FAIL, PSU FAIL or power off
Alarm relay contact rating 0.5A @ 60V DC
alarm operation
Upon a manual reset of the front panel switch the PDU measures the current flow in each of the DC output channels. If the current falls between an upper (480mA) and lower (50mA) limit the channel is enabled and the channel is permanently powered. However, an output will be disabled if an open circuit (no TMA connected) or short circuit (installation fault) is detected upon the manual reset. Once a DC output channel is enabled the normal operating current is saved and if a significant change in operating current (±30mA) is detected on any channel of the PDU an alarm state is raised. For full details of the LED indications see the table below.
TMA current (mA) Status LNA Indicator LED
<10mA Channel switched off Off
>530mA Channel switched off Off
>700mA Channel switched off Red (alarm)
< learned current minus 30mA LNA failure low current, channel remains on Orange (alarm)
Learned current ±30mA LNA ok and operational Green
>learned current plus 30mA LNA failure high current, channel remains on Orange/Red (alarm)
>630mA LNA failure high current, channel switched off Red (alarm)
Dimensions H x D x W 441.8 x 91.8 x 44mm | 17.39 x 3.61 x 1.73in
Weight 1kg | 2.2lbs
Connector TMA output Molex mini-fit junior 2-way
DC IN connector Molex mini-fit junior 2-way
Alarm connector D25 (F)
Temperature range -20ºC to +60ºC | +4°F to +140°F, indoor
Lightning protection Varistor
MTBF >400,000 hours
ordering information
Part Number Description
PDU0003F5V5 6-way high current power distribution unit (PDU)
standard cables supplied
R18-0398 Power Cable, 6 meters, molex to open tail
R18-0399 Alarm Cable D25 to open tail wired for summary alarm
optional accessories
Part Number Description
DCI0001F1V1 DC Inserter/Bias T kit
DCI0010F1V1 DC power inserter, DC from SMA(f) to 7/16(F) connector
DCI0010F1V2 DC power inserter, DC from SMA(f) to 7/16(M) connector
R18-0492 Earth cable 1 meter
R18-0526 Power cable, 10 meters, (molex to open tail)
R18-0810-10 Power cable, 10 meters, molex to SMA(m)
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram