DIPLEXER 700/850/900 and AWS/1900

The Kaelus DBC2037F1V1 cross band coupler combines the lower 698 to 960MHz frequency bands with the higher AWS/1900 frequency bands. Used to minimize infrastructure capital expenditure and improving network reliability.


  • LTE ready
  • Auto select DC/AISG pass with built-in lightning protection
  • AISG port DC takes priority over HI and LO ports, HI port takes priority over LO port
  • Integrated AISG modem & monitor port
  • Single or twin configurations available for indoor or outdoor use

technical specifications
Port Name 700/850/900MHz AWS/1900
Passband 698 - 960MHz 1710 - 2170MHz
Insertion loss 0.15dB maximum / 0.11dB typical 0.15dB maximum / 0.12dB typical
Return loss 24dB typical
Group delay variation 0.1ns maximum over any 180kHz
Maximum input power 500W (average) / 5kW (PEP) 500W (average) / 5kW (PEP)
Intermodulation products -161dBc typical / -155dBc maximum all ports with 2 x 20W carriers in RX band
Monitor port coupling -40dB nominal relative to COM port
LO port wins (LO port DC>7V) and (HI port DC<6V) and (AISG port DC<2.5V)
HI port wins (HI port DC>7V) and (AISG port DC<2.5V) or
(Both LO port DC and AISG port DC<2.5V)
AISG port wins AISG>7V
Compatibility AISG 1.1, 2.0 and 3GPP TS25.461
DC breakdown 1000V (COM, 700/850/900, AWS/1900 & AISG ports)
Voltage drop in DC path 2.4V maximum at 2A
Phase linearity over any 10MHz 1º maximum over any 180kHz
Isolation 698-960 to 1710-2170 70dB typical, 60dB minimum
dc / aisg
Input voltage range ± 31V DC
DC current rating 2A continuous, 4A peak
Current consumption AISG: 100mA, LO: 60mA, HI: 1mA (one port powered at a time)
For further details of environmental compliance, please contact Kaelus.
Temperature range -40ºC to +65ºC | -40ºF to +149ºF
Ingress protection IP67
Lightning protection RF: ±5kA maximum (8/20us)
AISG:±2kA maximum (8/20us)
Compliance ETSI EN 300 019 class 4.1, RoHS
Dimensions H x D x W (single unit) 180 x 62 x 150mm | 6.7 x 2.4 x 5.9in
Dimensions H x D x W (twin unit) 360 x 124 x 300mm | 13.4 x 4.8 x 11.8in
Weight 3kg | 7lbs (single unit) estimated
6kg | 14lbs (twin unit) estimated
Finish Painted, light grey (RAL7035)
Connectors RF: 7-16 (F) x 3 long neck, Monitor: N-type (F)
AISG: IEC60130-9, 8-pin male
Mounting Pole/wall bracket supplied with two metal clamps for 45-178 mm diameter poles; COM port upwards
ordering information
Part Number Description
DBC2037F1V1-1 Diplexer, 700/850 and AWS/1900, with integrated AISG modem and monitor port
DBC2037F1V1-2 Diplexer, 700/850 and AWS/1900, dual, with integrated AISG modem and monitor port
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram