QUADRUPLEXER 600-700/850/1900/AWS-WCS

The Kaelus QBC0010 is a bi-directional Quadruplexer designed to combine 600 & 700 with 850, 1900 and AWS-WCS technologies, the QBC0010 provides excellent insertion loss and passive intermodulation performance. Bidirectional passage of DC/AISG is provided in this outdoor product.


  • Enables antenna/feeder sharing for 600-700, 850, 1900 and AWS-WCS networks
  • Compact & lightweight - perfect for Small Cell applications
  • Low insertion loss & high return loss
  • Low passive IM performance
  • Twin (-1) and Quad (-2) models available
  • 4.3-10 (F) long neck connectors standard
  • Hard Wired and DC Autosense versions available
  • Provisions for wall or mast mounting
  • AWS3 and 4 ready

technical specifications
Band Name600-7008501900AWS-WCS
rf performance
Passband555 - 798MHz824 - 894MHz1850 - 1990MHz1695 - 1780MHz / 2110 - 2360MHz
Insertion loss0.15dB typical0.20dB typical0.25dB typical0.30dB typical
Return loss23dB typical, 22dB maximum @ 25dgrC
20dB maximum over full temperature range
Maximum input power120W (average) / 1.2kW (PEP)
Rejection in 700N/A50dB typical65dB typical65dB typical
Rejection in 85050dB typicalN/A65dB typical 65dB typical
Rejection in 190065dB typical 65dB typical N/A50dB typical
Rejection in AWS65dB typical 65dB typical 50dB typicalN/A
Intermodulation products-161dBc typ, -156dBc maximum
with 2 x 43dBm carriers
Group delay over any 10MHz15ns typical15ns typical7.5ns typical7.5ns typical
Absolute group delay35ns typical35ns typical15ns typical1695 -1780MHz
20ns typical
2110 - 2360MHz
15ns typical
EVM 10MHz BW0.05% typical. 2% maximum
For further details of environmental compliance, please contact Kaelus.
Temperature range-40ºC to +65ºC | -40ºF to +149ºF
Ingress protectionIP67
Altitude3000m/10,000ft maximum
Lightning protectionIEC61312-1, RF: ±5kA maximum (8/20us)
MTBF>1,000,000 hours
Dimensions H x D x W (single twin unit)214 x 228 x 146 mm | 8.4 x 9 x 5.7 in
Dimensions H x D x W (dual twin unit)214 x 228 x 296 mm | 8.4 x 9 x 11.6 in
Weight8.7kg / 19.1bs (twin)
17.4kg / 38.4lbs (quad)
FinishPainted, light grey (RAL7035)
Connectors4.3-10 (F) x 10 long neck (twin)
4.3-10 (F) x 20 long neck (quad)
MountingPole/wall bracket supplied with two metal clamps for 45-178 mm diameter poles
ordering information
Part NumberConfigurationOptional FeaturesConnectorsDC/AISG Configuration
QBC0010F1V10-1TWIN, 2 in / 8 outFIXED DC7/16 (F)NO DC
QBC0010F1V10-2QUAD, 4 in / 16 outFIXED DC7/16 (F)NO DC
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram