TMA TDD B42/B43 4x4 & 8x8 mimo

Kaelus B42/B43 (3500MHz) TDD TMA KA-1004 can be deployed as a 4x4 or 8x8 MIMO.


  • Improved base station sensitivity through gain in 3500MHz
  • Suitable for 5G NR signals
  • Full AISG operation and RET antenna support
  • Small and light for minimum visual impact

technical specifications
Band B42/B43 (3500MHz)
Passband 200MHz Band within 3400 - 3800MHz
Insertion loss 1.3dB typical
Return loss 18dB minimum
Maximum input power 40W per channel
Passband 200MHz Band within 3400 - 3800MHz
Bandwidth Note: 200MHz Bandwidth, factory tunable anywhere within 3400 - 3800MHz
Gain 12dB
Return loss 18dB minimum
Bypass return loss 18dB minimum
Bypass loss 1.3dB typical
Noise figure 1.6dB typical
Output IP3 +25dBm typical
Impedance 50Ohms
aisg mode of operation
DC/AISG signal must be applied to the AISG IN port to power up the Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) in the Uplink path. Each LNA is controlled uniquely by its sub-unit number.
DC supply voltage +9V to +30V DC
AISG version 2.0
Power consumption, AISG mode 2W per channel
For further details of environmental compliance, please contact Kaelus.
Temperature range -40ºC to +65ºC | +40°F to +149°F
Ingress protection IP67
Lightning protection RF: ±5kA maximum (8/20us), AISG: ±5kA maximum (common mode)
MTBF 1.0Mh (4x4), 0.5Mh (8x8)
Compliance EMC:EN 301 489-50
SAFETY: IEC/EN 62368-1
OPERATION: ETSI 300 019-1-4. CLASS 4.1E
STORAGE: ETSI 300 019-1-1, CLASS 1.2
Feature 8x8 4x4
Dimensions H x D x W 290x240x80 mm | 11.4x9.5x3.1 in 290x240x44 mm | 11.4x9.5x1.7 in
Volume 5.6 L 3.1 L
Weight 8.9kg | 19.8 lbs 4.8kg | 10.7 lbs
Finish NCS 1502-R
Wind Load 286 N @70 m/s
Mounting Pole/wall bracket supplied with two metal clamps 40-140mm diameter poles
ordering information
Part Number Configuration Passband Connectors AISG Mode
KA-1004-4041 4x4, 4 in / 4 out 3400-3600MHz NEX10(F) ONEQUAD
KA-1004-4031 4x4, 4 in / 4 out 3400-3600MHz 4.3-10 (F) ONEQUAD
KA-1004-8041 8x8, 8 in / 8 out 3400-3600MHz NEX10(F) ONEOCT
KA-1004-8031 8x8, 8 in / 8 out 3400-3600MHz 4.3-10 (F) ONEOCT
KA-1004-4141 4x4, 4 in / 4 out 3600-3800MHz NEX10(F) ONEQUAD
KA-1004-4131 4x4, 4 in / 4 out 3600-3800MHz 4.3-10 (F) ONEQUAD
KA-1004-8141 8x8, 8 in / 8 out 3600-3800MHz NEX10(F) ONEOCT
KA-1004-8131 8x8, 8 in / 8 out 3600-3800MHz 4.3-10 (F) ONEOCT
Other frequency tuning available, please contact Kaelus.
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram