iVA premium hard case accessory kit

The iAK-0210B is an accessory kit accommodating two iVA analyzers and can be equipped with various adaptors and calibration standards to ensure efficiency and safety of your sweep instruments. The iAK Accessory kit completes your Kaelus sweep tester solution in any test environment from top of tower, base of tower, rooftop and in-building systems. The customized storage and carrying case is rugged enough for complete protection of the iVAs and components when transporting or on site testing. This twin case can accomodate 2x iVA, 1x OSL, 1x adaptor kit, 1x phase stable cable and battery bank.


  • Twin iVA case accommodating 2 Kaelus iVA sweep instruments
  • Rugged, portable construction
  • 4.3-10 connector options
  • Free EU, UK and AU wall plug adaptors included
  • Weatherized, compact and lightweight design
  • Can be configured as per requirement
  • Exterior dimensions L14.3″ x W11.1″ x H4.7″ (L363mm x W282mm x H120mm)
  • Weight with two iVAs 9.6 lbs | 4.35 kg incl. accessories

iak-0210b-02 premium accessory kit
1 R92-0629 Dual Unit Hard Case Kit
1 R29-4504 4.3-10 Female Calibration Kit
1 R40-10100 Adaptor 4.3-10 (F) to D-M
1 R40-10101 Adaptor 4.3-10 (F) to D-F
1 R40-10102 Adaptor 4.3-10 (F) to 4.3-10 (F)
1 R18-0640 1ft (30cm) USB Cable (used for fast charge)
1 R18-0832 9ft (3m) USB Cable
1 R18-0870 Phase Stable Cable 5ft (1.5m) 4.3-10(M) to 4.3-10(F)
1 R18-0640 1ft (30cm) USB Cable (used for fast charge)
1 R29-4362 AC Wall Charger 5V 2A USB