iPA Soft Case Accessory Kit

Reach maximum efficiency and safety in your test environment through the Kaelus *iPA Portable PIM Analyzer and Range-to-Fault (RTF) technology, together with the Kaelus iAK Accessory Kit series. This kit includes all necessary accessories required to perform a system check of your Kaelus iPA PIM analyzer as well as all required PIM testing.

The iAK-0090A soft case accessory kit completes your Kaelus PIM testing solution for use in any test environment from the top of the tower, the base of the tower, rooftop, in-building for DAS systems. In addition, the backpack is rugged enough for complete protection of the iPA components during transport or on-site testing.

*iPA and RTF sold separately.


  • High Capacity Battery
  • PIM source and low PIM load
  • Light weight

kit contents
1R29-1486Soft transit case
1CIS-0001APIM source
1PIL-0005ALow PIM load
1ASSY1237213m test cable, 7/16 (M) to 4.3-10 (M)
1R29-4858Torque wrench, 22mm, 5Nm
for torquing down 4.3-10 connectors
1R29-1851Torque wrench, 32mm, 25Nm
for torquing down 7/16 connectors
1ASSY108321High Capacity Battery
1R92-0443Dual battery charging cradle
1R92-0459Connector cleaning kit
1R92-0460Adaptor kit
NoteKit contents is subject to change
adaptor kit r92-0460 contents
1R40-10100Adaptor 7/16 D (M) - 4.3-10 (F)
1R40-10101Adaptor 7/16 (F) - 4.3-10 (F)
1R40-10114Adaptor 7/16 (M) - 4.3-10 (M)
1R40-10111Adaptor 7/16 (F) - 4.3-10 (M)
1R40-10102Adaptor 4.3-10 (F) to 4.3-10 (F)
1R79-10093Adaptor 7/16 (F) - 7/16 (F)
Check out iAK-0060A (Premium accessory kit with hardcase) for alternative handling of the iPA and its accessories.