Kaelus 2018 Trade-in Program

Kaelus 2018 Trade-in Program

Kaelus, formerly Summitek Instruments, has been delivering Portable PIM (PPIM) Analyzers to the operators and their contractors since 2007 and Bench PIM (BPIM) equipment to manufacturers since 1996. Kaelus has the greatest breadth of products (iMT, iHA, iQA, and now the iPA) and largest installed base in North America and the world.

With the recent introduction of the new light weight, battery powered, 2 x 20W iPA PIM Analyzer, Kaelus is offering a trade-in program for customers wanting to replace their existing portable test instruments with the newest PIM test equipment available from Kaelus.

Also, if you currently own a Kaelus RTF Module for your iQA, great news... the same RTF Module will also be compatible with the new iPA!

How the Program Works:

  • Submit a PO for the new iPA Test Analyzer and any related accessories using the standard price of the items
  • Indicate any unit(s) that will be traded-in including the Model Number and Serial Number of each piece of equipment
  • When Kaelus ships the new units, you will be invoiced for the full amount of the equipment in accordance with the purchase order
  • When you return the trade-in item, you will be given a credit against the invoice
    • Note that the return must take place within 30 days of the shipment of the new equipment
  • No more than one existing unit can be traded in for credit toward the purchase of a new iPA
    • IE: One Trade -In credit per new iPA purchased. Multiple credits cannot be applied to one iPA, but multiple credits can be applied to multiple iPA purchases

Credit Schedule:

Model Being Exchanged Trade-in Credit
iHA $1,250
iMT $2,000
iQA-A $2,500
iQA-B $2,500
iQA-A-RTF $3,500
iQA-B-RTF $3,500
iQA-C $3,500
When a RTF Module is purchased with the new iPA, an additional $500 credit will be added to the total credit amountavailable.

Please contact Kaelus by phone, 303.768.8080, online at www.Kaelus.com, or through your local sales representative for quotes and additional information.