PIM Finder

Kaelus PIM Finder is a product designed to accurately identify and locate PIM sources external to antenna infrastructure. The Kaelus PIM Finder provides the ability to search for PIM sources caused by loose mounting brackets, fasteners, parapet walls and more. PIM Finder is ideal for all testing scenarios including tower, rooftop, DAS and small cell sites.

PIM Finder is a software option available through Kaelus Unify and used in combination with the Kaelus iVA Cable & Antenna analyzer, iPA Portable PIM analyzer and low-PIM probe. By scanning the environment around the antenna infrastructure with the low-PIM probe while monitoring the received PIM level, the location of external PIM sources can be pinpointed quickly and precisely.


  • Pinpoints external PIM (outside antenna infrastructure)
  • Locates PIM sources in the 560-2750MHz frequency range
  • One-handed operation, direct connection from iVA to low PIM probe
  • Small and lightweight, allows for working in hard to access areas
  • iPA provides two transmit tones at a power level of up to 20W per carrier
  • iVA provides a receiver for measuring externally generated PIM
  • Long range Bluetooth connection
  • No phase-stable cable required

technical specifications
Frequency Range560 - 2750 MHz
Near field signal variation vs orientation< 5 dB variation in received signal level when probe is rotated 90º relative to an external PIM source
Sampling Rate10 kSa per second
Dynamic Range-40 to -115dBm
Resolution bandwidth20kHz
Displayed average noise level (RBW = 20kHz)-115 dBm
Measurement accuracy ±3dB
Connector iVA Test Port N-Type (Male)
Low PIM probe N-type (Female)
Bandpass filters N-type (Male) to N-type (Female)
PIM Test Probe Length 35in | 889mm
Probe tip diameter 1.9in | 48.3mm
iVA-0627 Dimensions H x D x W 2.06 x 2.73 x 8.51in | 52 x 69.5 x 216mm
Interference Mitigation FilterDimensions H x D x W 1 x 1 x 2.48in | 25.4 x 25.4 x 636mm

ordering information
iVA-0627AiVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System560-2750 MHz
iVA-SW-FI-A PIM Finder software upgrade for iVA560-2750 MHz
R29-4788Low PIM Probe560-2750 MHz
R29-4790600MHz uplink filter663-698 MHz
R29-4791700MHz uplink filter TMO/ATT699-716 MHz
R29-4798 700MHz uplink filter703-748 MHz
R29-4792 700MHz uplink filter VZW B1776-787 MHz
R29-4793700MHz uplink filter VZW/FNET B13/B14776-799 MHz
R29-4794850MHz uplink filter824-849 MHz
R29-4799900MHz uplink filter880-915 MHz
R29-47951750MHz AWS uplink filter1710-1785 MHz
R29-47961900MHz PCS uplink filter1850-1910 MHz
R29-48002100MHz uplink filter1920-1980 MHz
R29-47875 Filter Kit699-716 MHz
776-799 MHz
824-894 MHz
1705-1785 MHz
1850-1910 MHz
R29-47894 Filter Kit 776-799 MHz
824-894 MHz
1705-1785 MHz
1850-1910 MHz
iAK-0627-FDPIM Finder 5 Filter Bundle
PIM Finder Software
Low PIM Probe
5 Filter Kit
iAK-0627-FAPIM Finder 4 Filter Bundle
PIM Finder Software
Low PIM Probe
4 Filter Kit
NotesiPA Portable PIM Analyzer ordered separately
User to provide tablet or laptop to control iVA