CDMA850 A'/B' + LTE700/LTE850 A/B-BANDS

Designed to combine LTE700/LTE850 radio(s) with legacy CDMA850 equipment, the Kaelus DBC0134 is a low loss twin combiner with excellent insertion loss and passive inter-modulation performance.


  • Combines/splits legacy CDMA850 & LTE700H/LTE850 A/B-bands
  • Supports 10MHz LTE expansion in 850MHz A and/or B-bands
  • Allows LTE700/LTE850 & CDMA routing to separate antennas
  • Ideal for use with dual band LTE700 & LTE850 radios
  • Supports CDMA channels placed in either A' or B'
  • Extremely close (zero guardband) spacing
  • Designed for low passive inter-modulation
  • DC/AISG autosensing with LED status
  • Low insertion loss

technical specifications
Band NameR1 (CDMA)R1 (LTE)
PassbandA' (CH691), B' (CH738/CH779 or CH770)LTE700, LTE850 (746-844.5, 869-889.5MHz)
Insertion loss1.1dB typical, 1.9dB maximum746-798MHz: 0.45dB typical, 0.55dB maximum
824-844.5, 869-889.5MHz: 1.0dB typical, 1.9dB maximum
Return loss24dB typical, 20dB minimum24dB typical, 20dB minimum
EVM3% typical, 7% maximum0.5% typical, 2% maximum
Group delay variation250ns maximum270ns maximum
Absolute group delay120ns typical (mid-band
350ns maximum (band-edge)
75ns typical (mid-band)
300ns maximum (band-edge)
Maximum input power80W (average) / 800W (PEP)160W (average) / 1600W (PEP)
isolation com port must be terminated in 50ohms
CDMA 850
TX frequency range
35dB typical, 30dB minimum
LTE 850
TX frequency range
35dB typical, 30dB minimum
CDMA 850
RX frequency range
35dB typical, 30dB minimum
LTE 850
RX frequency range
35dB typical, 30dB minimum
746-806MHz33dB typical, 28dB minimum
Intermodulation products-160dBc typical / -155dBc maximum all ports with 2 x 20W carriers (out of band IM testing <3 minutes)
dc / aisg
The DC/AISG path is automatically selected. In bottom of the tower applications (combiner mode), each RF channel port is sequentially checked for the presence of DC voltage. If more than one port has voltage, the port that has the highest (programmed) priority is passed to the common port. If a short circuit is detected on the common port DC/AISG is disabled. In top-of-tower applications (splitter mode), DC/AISG is passed to all ports that do not present a short circuit. If a short circuit is detected, the shorted RF port will be disabled for DC/AISG while other RF ports remain connected.
Input voltage range8 – 30V DC
DC current rating2.0A continuous, 2.5A maximum
Compliance3GPP, TS 37.461
Current consumption5mA typical, 10mA maximum
Port priority (combiner mode)R1 (LTE) first, R1 (CDMA) second
For further details of environmental compliance, please contact Kaelus.
Temperature range-20ºC to +65ºC | +4°F to +149°F
Ingress protectionIP67
Altitude3,000m | 10,000ft maximum
Lightning protectionRF: ±5kA maximum (8/20us)
MTBF>1,000,000 hours
ComplianceETSI EN 300 019-1-4 class 4.1, RoHS
Dimensions H x D x W 319 x 257 x 266mm | 12.56 x 10.13 x 10.47in
Weight20.5kg | 45.1lbs
FinishPainted, light grey (RAL7035)
Connectors4.3/10 (F) x 6 long neck
MountingPole/wall bracket supplied with two metal clamps for 45-178 mm diameter poles
ordering information
Part NumberR1 (CDMA)R1 (LTE)Description
DBC0134F1V72-1A' (CH691), B' (CH738/CH779 or CH770)LTE700, LTE850 (746-844.5, 869-889.5MHz)Twin SBC, 700, 850
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram