Analyzer Calibration Extender

Analyzer Calibration Extender

For In Field Calibration of Kaelus PIM Instruments

The ACE-1000A is a calibration solution that allows customers to self-calibrate their Kaelus PIM analyzers in the field. With successful calibration, ACE will extend your analyzer’s calibration while reducing downtime to less than one hour and increasing productivity by retaining instruments in the field.

The Kaelus software guides the user through the calibration process from testing through payment including extending the calibration date of each Kaelus PIM Analyzer to 12 months, and printing the Certificate of Calibration certificate (CoC)


  • Rapid and simple self-calibration solution
  • Minimizes downtime to less than 1 hour
  • One ACE kit will calibrate all Kaelus supported PIM Instruments
  • Supported Kaelus PIM Instruments iPA, ITA, IQA (B and C Series), iBA , SI E-Series and RTF instruments
  • Kaelus software guides the user through the calibration process
  • USB control interface
  • Rugged and portable construction
  • Calibration fee is prorated, allowing calibration at any time
  • Credit card or purchase order payment options available
  • Provides Kaelus certified Certificate of Calibration (CoC)

Frequency Range 600 - 2700MHz
Connector Interface 7-16 DIN Male
Minimum Requirements PC or laptop running Unify or PIM server (web based)
Internet access
Payment facility (purchase order or credit card)
Calibration Kit Contents 2x Calibration Extender Standard Green
2x Calibration Extender Standard Black
1x Torque Wrench
1x Cleaning Kit
1x USB type A to USB mini type B, Length 2.0m
1x USB type A to USB mini type B. Length 0.75m
Temperature Range
Ingress Protection
Storage Temperature Range
+20ºC to +30ºC | +68°F to +86°F (operating)
Indoor Use
+10°C to +40°C | +50°F to +104°F (storage)
Dimensions H X D X W
120 x 363 x 282mm | 4.7 x 14.3 x 11.1in
4.5kg | 10lb
ordering information (spare parts)
Analyzer Calibration Extender Kit
Calibration Standard Green
Calibration Standard Black
Cleaning Kit
supported pim instruments
Instruments iPA Series
iTA Series
iBA Series
iQA B & C Series
SI E Series
RTF series