The Kaelus Unify Advantage

Kaelus Unify provides remote visibility of all test and measurement instruments through an easy-to-install, free software application. PC, tablet or mobile workstation users now have real-time monitoring of each Kaelus test and measurement instrument.

  • Engineered for field and lab environments
  • Free seamless platform solution for iPA and iVA
  • Track owned devices and users

Kaelus Unify provides test and measurement support through both the mobile app and online portal. The Kaelus Unify mobile app controls the iPA, iTA and iVA while the Kaelus Unify Portal allows real-time monitoring of each test and measurement device.

To learn more about Kaelus Unify, view the quick start guide and user manual for more information.

Kaelus Unify App

  • Remote control for iPA and iVA analyzers
  • Record measurements at test site
  • Upload test reports to your database while onsite
  • App updates applied automatically
  • Update firmware wirelessly, ensuring hardware and software are synchronized for optimum performance

App Capabilities

  • Off-line report editing without the need to be connected to instruments
  • Designed to support multiple simultaneous connections (iPA and iVA)
  • Seamless instrument connection
  • Identify last known position via GPS location tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Improved user interface for iPA users
  • Fast multi-touch pan and zoom control of plots

Kaelus Unify Portal

  • Free portal access
  • Register instruments
  • View service history
  • Get calibration notifications
  • Invite additional users

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Centralized Configuration

Centralized ConfigurationCentralized Configuration

  • Connect to multiple instruments (iPA and iVA's) simultaneously
  • In-app design and execution of test sequences
  • Report generator and in-app editor
  • Global position locator
Testing Made Easy

Testing Made EasyTesting Made Easy

  • Connect multiple instruments
  • Control interface remotely
  • Ease of report merging into a single file
Powerful Reporting

Powerful ReportingPowerful Reporting

  • Leverage the power of your PC, laptop or mobile device
  • Rapid report generation
  • Direct feedback, quick updates and edits
Save time and Money

Save time and MoneySave time and Money

  • Eliminate time spent switching instruments
  • Eliminate frequent report merging
  • Automate Method of Procedures (MOP's)
  • Save OPEX by reducing site revisits
  • Increase productivity

What Do You Get with Kaelus Unify?

Simplify Your Kaelus Device Management

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