Antennas for Macro and Small Cell applications

Kaelus antenna design team have a long experience of designing and manufacturing class leading antenna products. With our design centre in Stockholm, Sweden – Kaelus antenna team have a well-respected reputation for producing innovative, high-performance and high-quality products throughout their experiences within LGP Allgon, Filtronic and now Kaelus. 

Kaelus antenna portfolio is based on ultra wide band (UWB) radiating elements combined with high-efficiency phase shifters and integrated RET and provides a range of single and multi-band antennas that are class-leading in performance. Kaelus also leads the field in integrating advanced filter technology into antennas which enable closer integration and more efficient solutions.

In addition to Kaelus generic antenna products, we support and work with a number of OEM and operator customers to provide custom solutions – whether it be integrated active antennas or variants of passive antennas with differing beam-widths, lengths or profiles.

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Base Station Antennas

Small Cell Antennas

GNSS Antenna products

Antenna+filter panels for mMIMO