Passive Intermodulation Testing Analyzer 

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) occurs when multiple RF signals encounter defects in materials or workmanship in an RF path. These defects behave like a mixer causing noise to be generated at mathematical combinations of the original carrier frequencies. PIM interference that falls in the receive band of a wireless system elevates the noise floor resulting in high dropped call rates, call blocking, slow data transmission speeds and decreased system capacity.

Kaelus is the industry leader in Passive Intermodulation test solutions. Since 1996 Kaelus has supplied RF equipment manufacturers around the world with precision IEC compliant test equipment to perform this critical test. From initial product design through high-volume manufacturing, Kaelus offers a wide range of PIM test solutions that enable equipment manufacturers to quickly and confidently verify the performance of their products.

iBA Series

Bench Top PIM Analyzers

iBA Series 40W


iBA-3501 C&D series

Bench Top PIM Analyzer