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PIM finding made easy - BPA0707A

With greater than 60dB of rejection to the test tones in front of the low noise amplifier, the BPA-0707A and the antenna probe combine to display PIM products right where they are generated. This paper explains how it is done.

Test & Measurement

Cross-Band PIM Generation in Co-located Cellular Base Stations

Test & Measurement

Branch Insertion Loss Measurements with the iVA

Branch insertion loss in a DAS system (indoor or outdoor) measures the insertion loss from the equipment room out to the antenna ports that provide coverage within the venue. This brief white paper outlines how to measure this loss using iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzers from Kaelus.

Test & Measurement

850 and 900MHz Receiver Blocking

850 MHz and 900 MHz spectrums generate interference problems when deployed in the same geographic area. This interference can be caused in two ways: receiver blocking and resultant intermodulation interference or out-of-band emissions from 850 MHz BTS entering the 900 MHz uplink (UL) band. Solutions to receiver blocking interference problems is the focus of this paper.

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850 and 900MHz Coexistence

850 MHz and 900 MHz spectrums generate interference problems when deployed in the same geographic area. Addressing the receiver blocking problem requires a filter in the 900 MHz site. This paper incorporates a link budget methodology and 3 GPP adjacent channel selectivity requirements to address the 900 MHz receiver blocking problem.

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Network Coverage at its Best

As cellular mobile networks continue to expand, operators keep trying to find cost-effective ways to improve network performance.  Tower loading, site access restrictions, or concerns with radio failures can in many instances restrict the installation of RRH at the top of the tower. Hence, the older generic site installation practice of using an RF feeder to go from the antenna to the base transceiver station (BTS) is still used in many applications. This scenario does introduce the potential need for tower mounted amplifiers that can provide increased capacity and better coverage.

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