Are you looking for low-loss, high-performing 5G Antenna filter units (AFU)
for your mMIMO application? 

Active antennas with massive MIMO technology will be key in the deployment of 5G systems around the world. With the growth of mobile data usage and expectations of 5G technology, the need to expand the capacity of mobile networks is inevitable. Massive MIMO is a mobile access concept designed to do just that. It is based on using a high number number of antenna elements, relative to the number of active user devices. Do you struggle with space, volume or filter performance for your massive MIMO solution?

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When selecting Antenna filter units for your massive MIMO application, there are several critical aspects to consider; 

  •     Antenna elements optimized for beam steering
  •     Carefully  designed calibration path to maximize branch equality
  •     Low loss filter technology provides excellent weight/performance ratio
  •     Steep out of band attenuation performance
  •     Filter performance very stable over temperature
  •     Power handling capability
  •     Low weight
  •     Design for high volume production
  •     Ease of integration with the active part of the m-MIMO solution





Kaelus 5G AFUs are based on a connector-less integrated design of antenna and filters. This design approach results in reduced interference, reduced system volume and cost, and improved system performance.

mMIMO application support: Multiple combinations of 64T64R, 32T32R, and 16T16R.

Frequencies: 3.3GHz - 4.2GHz (B42, B43, B48, n77, n78).

Product features:

Kaelus 5G Antenna Filter Units (AFU) are highly integrated, have a very small form factor and high Q value. The producibility and repeatability have been in focus when developing this concept and have resulted in a high first-pass yield.

 Antenna units:

  •      Slotted disc technology (Patented solution) that minimize galvanic connections and reduce noise
  •      High integration level – connector less
  •      Low weight
  •      Excellent beam steering performance
  •      Low cross-polarization levels
  •      Integrated calibration network

Filter units: 

  •     Thin metal filters
  •     Low insertion loss
  •     Excellent out of band attenuation
  •     Stable over temperature
  •     Less need for a low passband filter
  •     Small size – High Q value
  •     Good repeatability, high first-pass yield.

Kaelus filter focus for AFU is thin metal technology because of the high Q/volume that can be achieved which in turn gives the lowest possible insertion loss for a given rejection scenario keeping size and weight optimized. Over time thin metal has proven to be a more viable solution for demanding specifications. 



Kaelus is supporting OEMs to develop Antenna Filter Units (AFU) for their specific m-MIMO applications in 5G networks.

RF Filter measurements and performance

Based on Kaelus unique design, with patents pending, the filters that are placed on the backside of the antenna are small in size and low weight, with minimal insertion loss (e.g. n78; 0.57 dB) and excellent out of band attenuation. The filters can be integrated using blind mate connectors to the active radio parts. 

Filter specification example:

Length: 25-50 mm
Width:  10-15 might
Height:  10-15 mm

The dimensions depend on frequency band and rejection levels

Power consumption:
Average: 4-10 W
Peak: 50-200 W


Range: -40⁰C to +105⁰C
Low temperature drift (<± 1MHz)
Stable performance over temperature














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Designed to your needs

5G Antenna Filter Units (AFU) for massive MIMO applications are no off the shelve products. The requirements on size, connectivity and performance are often unique for each antenna solution.

Kaelus 5G Antenna Filter Units bring three of Kaelus extensive expertise together in one solution;

  • Antenna technology competence
  • RF Conditioning competence
  • PIM Performance excellence

Our team of highly skilled designers and mechanical engineers have many years of experience in developing solutions for challenging requirements and will create a solution that meets your specific needs.

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