1-port - PIM Finder

Solution for 600MHz to 2600MHz

Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known issue in cellular systems. If the PIM signals fall in the uplink band, they can elevate the noise floor and degrade system performance.

A challenging category of PIM to remedy is external PIM. This refers to PIM generated not in the cell site’s antenna infrastructure but rather in objects in the surrounding environment, for example, loose mounting brackets, roof flashing and structural steel beams. In such cases, downlink signals from the base station’s antenna illuminate the external PIM source, causing a PIM signal which is then re-radiated back towards the antenna and into the radio's receiver.

Identifying the location of external PIM sources has historically been a complicated problem for mobile operators worldwide. To address this measurement challenge, Kaelus offers 1-Port PIM Finder.


  • Complete solution from Kaelus
  • The Probe and iVA are small and lightweight, allows for working in hard to access areas
  • One-handed operation
  • Rugged design for field application
  • One GUI controls all equipment by Kaelus Unify software
  • iPA has the ability to check for internal PIM on each antenna at 2x20W
  • iPA provides two transmit tones at a power level of up to 20W per antenna for illuminating external PIM sources
  • iPA with the Range to Fault (RTF) module can measure distance to external PIM from the antenna
  • iVA provides a receiver for measuring externally generated PIM
  • Direct connection from iVA to PIM Test probe

technical specifications
Maximum input power into iVA 10mW max 20MHz LTE signal or equivalent
iVA Sampling Rate 1kSa per second
iVA: Dynamic Range -50 to -115dBm*
iVA Resolution bandwidth 20kHz
iVA: Displayed average noise level (RBW = 20kHz) -115dBm typ*
For more detailed specifications of each component (iPA and iVA), refer to the datasheets on www.kaelus.com
Note: (*) 10dB improvement when using Band Pass Amplifier BPA-0707A, only available for Band 14 and Band 17 (700MHz)
system diagram
The 1-port PIM Finder solution consists of lightweight, easy to use products that are battery powered:
     1. A portable PIM Test Analyzer: iPA series
     2. Range to Fault Module: RTF
     3.PIM Test probe: R29-4788
     4. Protection Filter
     5. Cable and Antenna Analyzer: iVA-0627A
     6. Kaelus Unify Software for remote control of iPA and iVA. Running on iOS/Android tablet/phone, or Windows PC
The radio frequency fields near cellular antennas may exceed safe levels for human exposure. Personnel engaged in troubleshooting external PIM sources should be trained for work in radio frequency environments and use a personal RF monitor if working near active antennas.
ordering information
iVA-0627A iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer System
iPA series iPA Battery Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyser
R29-4788 PIM Test probe
iVA-SW-FI-A PIM Finder Mode - Software upgrade
protection filter
BPA-0707A Band Pass Amplifier - 700L / 700H Uplink Filter 698-716MHz / 776-802MHz iPA-0707D
BPA-0790A Band Pass Amplifier - 800MHz Uplink Filter 832-862MHz iPA-0790A
R29-4790 600 MHz Uplink Filter 663-698MHz iPA-0600D
R29-4798 700 MHz Uplink Filter 703-748MHz iPA-0703
R29-4794 850 MHz Uplink Filter 824-849MHz iPA-0850A
R29-4799 900 MHz Uplink Filter 880-915MHz iPA-0901A
FIL-0900A 900 MHz Uplink Filter 890-915MHz iPA-0901A in co-location with 850 systems
R29-4795 1750 MHz Uplink Filter 1710-1785MHz iPA-1800A and iPA-1921A
R29-4796 1900 MHz Uplink Filter 1850-1910MHz iPA-1921A
R29-4800 2100 MHz Uplink Filter 1920-1980MHz iPA-2100A in co-location with 1800 systems
FIL-2600A 2600 MHz Uplink Filter 2500-2570MHz iPA-2600A
pim finder in action
PIM Finder in Action PIM Finder in Action
PIM Finder in action