iPA.pngKaelus now offers an upgrade option for your 20W iPA-0707. The 40W is the only upgradeable option in the industry and is ideal for identifying external PIM at the cell site. The higher power levels of the transmitting tones will generate higher levels of PIM, allowing the spectrum monitor to measure the PIM levels, making it more likely that external PIM will be detectable.

By upgrading your current 20W iPA, you can now test with the maximum carrier power increased to 40W (+46 dBm) while still possessing all the features and operating modes of the 20W iPA. Please refer to the iPA 40W portable PIM analyzer datasheet for detailed specifications.

Your 20W unit must be returned to a Kaelus Service Center where the upgrade will take place and includes a brand new battery, new 40W amplifier, new label and a full service and calibration.

Key Features of the 40W iPA upgrade

  • 40W (+46 dBm) maximum output power per carrier, able to be reduced to +30 dBm in steps of 1 dB
  • The iPA-0707D is fitted with a high efficiency 40W amplifier that has minimal impact on battery run time
  • Same size, weight and ruggedness as the Kaelus 20W iPA
  • Same intuitive user interface as the 20W iPA
  • Compatible with Kaelus Unify
  • Compatible with Kaelus Range-to-Fault module
  • Compatible with Kaelus ACE calibration extender - Allows users to self-calibration their iPA onsite with minimal downtime

Select 20W iPA B build units are not eligible for upgrade. Download the complete list to verify that your unit is eligible for the 40W upgrade.

To learn more about the iPA-0707 40W upgrade, inquire with your local sales representative or contact us.