Kaelus provides three options to calibrate your Test & Measurement instruments.

  • Self-Calibration with ACE-1000A
  • Kaelus Service Center
  • Calibration Partners (see list below)

It is recommended that all Kaelus equipment be calibrated every 12 months to ensure operation at peak accuracy. 

If you have a product in need of repair or calibration complete our online service request form.

Self-Calibration with ACE-1000A
Analyzer Calibration Extender for Portable and Bench PIM Instruments

The ACE-1000A is a calibration solution that allows customers to self-calibrate or field calibrate any Kaelus PIM instrument at their own premises. Following a successful calibration, the ACE (Analyzer Calibration Extender) will extend your instrument's calibration by 12 months, reducing downtime to less than one hour, thus retaining instruments in the field.

The Kaelus Unify software application guides the user through the calibration process from testing through payment, including extending the date of each Kaelus PIM instrument to 12 months and printing the Certificate of Calibration (CoC).

One ACE kit can calibrate all supported Kaelus PIM instruments (bench and portable PIM instruments) for many years.

New Price list effective 1st February 2023


Factory Calibration

(performed by Kaelus Service Center)

Includes hardware and software update if required,

system checks, replacement of consumables,

cleaning of equipment and Certificate of Calibration

ACE Calibration
(performed by customer)

Includes Certificate of Calibration


RRP US$ (effective 1st February 2023) RRP US$ (effective 1st February 2023)







iBA A-Series



iBA B-Series



iBA C-Series



iBA D-Series



SI E-Series













Based on time and material


A single ACE calibration kit supports the following Kaelus instruments:

  • iPA Series
  • iTA Series
  • iBA Series
  • iQA B & C Series
  • SI- E Series

Kaelus Service Center
A team of highly trained technicians and engineers with many years of experience on Kaelus Test & Measurement instruments performs professional, efficient and timely calibration and repair services. Dedicated software is used to calibrate and repair Kaelus instruments. Upon completion of the calibration process, a thorough, system-level verification test is performed. Consumables are replaced and software is updated to the latest version when necessary.

Calibration Services
Ensure your instrument performs to specification. We test and verify every specification, operating mode and functionality.

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Next on bench or 24 hour turnaround time available
  • Consumables replaced and software updated when necessary
  • Calibration date updated
  • Certificate of Calibration provided
  • On-site calibration options available

Repair Services
All repairs are performed with genuine Kaelus parts and are covered by a 12-month warranty.

  • Expedited service options available
  • Consumables replaced and software updated when necessary

Kaelus Unify Web Portal provides calibration date and reminders, Certificate of Calibration, manuals, instructions, software updates and much more.

Calibration Partners
A worldwide network of calibration partners use specialized calibration software to perform calibrations on Kaelus instruments. Each partner is certified to conduct calibration services for Kaelus PIM instruments.

Kaelus Worldwide Calibration Partners

USA Asia-Pacific


Advanced Test Equipment Rentals


Electro Rent India


California, Texas

Avalon Test Equipment


Ark One Solutions

Illinois, Louisiana, Texas

JM Test Systems




MWC Microwave LLC



New Jersey, Florida, Oregon

Custom Calibration Solutions, LLC



US Instrument Services