Kaelus antenna portfolio is based on a ultra wide band (UWB) radiating elements combined with high-efficiency phase shifters and integrated RET and provides a range of single and multi-band antennas that are class-leading in performance. Kaelus also leads the field in integrating advanced filter technology into antennas which enable closer integration and more efficient solutions.

Hexa-band antenna - P6WHMU01

12-port, 65 Degrees Base Station Sector Antenna

Penta-band antenna - P6BPxU01

10-port, 65 Degree, Base Station Sector Antenna

Quad-band antenna - P6KxU01

8-Port, 65 Degree Base Station Sector Antenna

Tri-band antenna - P6BTxx01

6-Port, 65 Degree Base Station Sector Antenna

Monopole  - M6BPMU01

3x, 10-Port, 65 Degree Base Station Sector Antennas