Icefish - Antenna transparent for mMIMO radios


The Icefish antenna is a state-of-the-art solution for efficient and fast 5G deployment. This antenna has been developed to address challenges such as: Site permits, site construction limitations, wind load impact, site lease and available space.

The Icefish antenna includes a frequency-selective design and transparent technology which enable 5G mMIMO beam-through, with minimal impact on performance and excellent PIM properties. With it's modular approach, it is easy to install and replace mMIMO radios.

The 5G mMIMO integrated antenna radio solution has a minimal visual and wind load impact making it a practical and efficient choice for 5G deployment.


  • Transparent for 3300-4000 MHz mMIMO radios
  • Radio unit agnostic
  • Simple to perform in field installation and upgrade of mMIMO radio unit 
  • Fully integrated Remote Electrical Tilt, AISG compatible
  • Supports MIMO: 4x4 on Low Band and Mid Band

12 Ports:      Frequency:
    4x             694  -   960 MHz
    4x            1427 -  2690 MHz
    4x           1695  -  2690 MHz

Array-layout-S6IHMU.JPG                     PFA-2,1m-ISO-right-(1).png                         Icefish-with-mMIMO-Radio-example.png


Example of 5G mMIMO  integrated antenna radio solution

Product number                                          

S6IHMU06                   Length, Width, Depth [inch|mm] :   82.6x19.6x8.6 | 2098x498x217     


Product number      

S6IHEU06                 Length, Width, Depth [inch|mm] :   106.2x19.6x8.6 | 2698x498x217