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1-Port PIM Finder - Method of Procedures

This document describes the Method Of Procedure (MOP) for performing external PIM finding using the 1-port PIM Finder Solution from Kaelus. The MOP focuses on standard equipment setup and process to be followed for a successful mitigation of external PIM.

Test & Measurement

PIM Finder Application Note

Test & Measurement

iPA 40W PIM Testing Application Note

Test & Measurement

Connection of iBA, iQA and E-Series Instruments for use with ACE-1000A

Test & Measurement

iBA Application Note

PIM Testing with the Kaelus iBA 40 Watt Bench PIM Analyzer.

Bench PIM

Analyzer Calibration Extender Application Note

Analyzer Calibration Extension with the ACE-1000A

Test & Measurement