Cable Loss Part 1(Sweep Spot)

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Using the Cable Loss mode from the menu in the upper left corner of your screen on the iVACable and Antenna Analyzer plot a trace. The cable loss trace will be on Port 1 and the Limits will transfer to this mode. The Ripple spec is the best limit line to use for the Cable Loss trace. We will edit the limit lines to cover the full range of the iVA. Once the Ripple trace has been conducted, and determined to be good, a second trace will be added as Distance-To-Fault to determine connector length. You can use Custom to input a length or select a cable type for your measurement. Press the Red Square icon in the upper right corner to sweep the data. A trace 1 will be measured, followed up by a trace 2 to measure the distance-to-fault. Markers can be added at peaks to show locations of potential problem areas.