Calibration with OSL (Sweep Spot)

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Once the iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer is connected the device will indicate whether the calibration is current or not. The CAL icon has 3 potential colors: "Red" for calibration is required, "Yellow" for a calibration is imminent, and "Green" for a calibration is still fresh. A calibration will stay fresh for approximately 10 hours, after which a prompt will ask you to re-calibrate. Significant temperature drifts may also require a re-calibration.

Press the CAL button, select the Cal Kit you are using.  The iVA calibration does not require that the OSL is connected in any particular order. Connect one of the Open, Short, or Load connections and start. The calbration will be performed at all iVA capable frequencies. Once the calibration is completed a check mark will appear. Transfer to the next standard and repeat. Once all 3 standards are completed an "Apply" button will appear. Press "Apply" and the CAL button should appear "Green" indication a cailibration that is current.