DTF- Narrow Band Part 2 (Sweep Spot)

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Often to complete the characterization of the RF path you need a termination of that path. To do this go into the tags you created on the iVA Cable and Antenna Analyzer and delete the “Open” tag and replace it with an “RF Termination” tag. Add a load to the end of the path.  We now have an in-band combiner, an RF cable and a termination in the path.  We can also add a tag for “High Band”. Now re-sweeps the system.  We now see much lower values. Use trace 2 which is a DTF measurement, use Autoscale to see more detail. The Max marker will be in the same location. Bear in mind that the DTF is a mathematical calculation optimized to get you the location of the fault, not the amplitude of the measurement.  We have limited the measurement to the high band pass of the filter, overriding the Stimulus. You can save that measurement to memory by hitting the "M" icon and then turn off "Override Stimulus" and re-take the measurement to see what variation may occur. This indicates the importance of making sure that you are looking at DTF measurement in a pass band of your RF path.