Tag Creation (Sweep Spot)

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Once you have captured sweep measurements you want to share with your customer it is time to set up a report. The fist step is to set up tags.  Press the "Tag" icon on the top of the screen. You can choose to enter descriptors. Typical descriptors will tell which sector you are working such as "Alpha, Beta, Gamma". These are entered using the keyboard keys and hitting enter. You could also enter "System" to indicate that the measurement taken was on the entire system from input thru the antenna into the environment. You may also choose to enter color codes such as "RED, BLUE,WHITE, BLACK". As tags are created they will show up as a Tag Matrix alphabetically in the Tag Line. You can hit hit clear to remove the Tag Matrix from the Tag LIne, and then choose which tag you are currently using, such as "Alpha, RED,RED, WHITE, System". Tags can be removed by pushing the "X" or "Remove All". To return to the measurement press the "Tag" icon that looks like a price tag.