DIPLEXER 1800/2100

The Kaelus DBC0021 combiner provides diplexing of 1800 and 2100MHz bands wherever both signals are required on a single output. This may be at the BTS end of the feeder or at the antenna, saving infrastructure capital expenditure and improving network reliability.


  • Combines 1800 and 2100 bands
  • Options for bypassing DC and AISG internal to the diplexer
  • Single or dual configurations available, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, wall or pole mounting kit
  • Built in lightning protection on all ports

technical specifications
Port Name18002100
Passband1710 - 1880MHz1920 - 2170MHz
Insertion loss0.20dB typical, 0.3dB maximum0.20dB typical, 0.35dB maximum
Return loss20.7dB minimum
EVM0.3% typical / 2% maximum over 4.2MHz
Group delay variation7ns maximum over 4.2MHz5ns maximum over 4.2MHz
Maximum input power250W (average) / 1kW (PEP) 160W (average) / 1kW (PEP)
Intermodulation products<-155dBc (2 x 20W, 3rd order)
Attenuation COM to 1800
698-960MHz75dB minN/A
1920 - 1980MHz55dB minimumN/A
2110 - 2170MHz55dB minimumN/A
2450 - 2900MHz60dB minimumN/A
Attenuation COM to 2100
698 - 960MHzN/A50dB minimum
1710 - 1880MHzN/A55dB minimum
2450 - 2900MHzN/A60dB minimum
dc / aisg
Passband0 - 3MHz
Insertion loss1dB maximum
Return loss12dB typical
DC current rating2.5A/50V maximum
For further details of environmental compliance, please contact Kaelus.
Temperature range-40ºC to +65ºC | -40ºF to +149ºF
Ingress protectionIP67, outdoor
Lightning protection3kA maximum (10/350us), IEC61312-1
MTBF>1,000,000 hours
Dimensions H x D x W (single unit)270 x 200 x 53mm | 10.62 x 7.87 x 2in
Dimensions H x D x W (twin unit)270 x 200 x 112mm | 10.62 x 7.87 x 4.4in
Weight4.0kg | 8.8lbs single unit
8.0kg | 17.6.8lbs dual unit
FinishPainted, light grey (RAL7035)
ConnectorsDIN 7-16 (F) x 3 long neck (single unit)
DIN 7-16 (F) x 6 long neck (twin unit)
MountingPole/wall bracket supplied with two metal clamps for 45-178mm diameter poles
ordering information
Part NumberConfigurationOptional FeaturesConnectorsDC/AISG Configuration
DBC0021F3V1-1SINGLE, 1 in / 2 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 2100
DBC0021F3V2-1SINGLE, 1 in / 2 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 1800
DBC0021F3V3-1SINGLE, 1 in / 2 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 1800 & 2100
DBC0021F3V4-1SINGLE, 1 in / 2 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)NO DC
DBC0021F3V21-2TWIN, 2 in / 4 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 2100
DBC0021F3V22-2TWIN, 2 in / 4 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 1800
DBC0021F3V23-2TWIN, 2 in / 4 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)DC ON 1800 & 2100
DBC0021F3V24-2TWIN, 2 in / 4 outFIXED DC7-16 (F)NO DC
electrical block diagram
mechanical block diagram