Mr. Mats Gustavsson, Executive Chairman of the Board and Founder.
Mr. Gustavsson graduated from the University of Stockholm in 1972, as Master of Physics. He was also Founder and CEO of LGP Telecom, a world leading company in RF Filter Technology, which set the global standard for the use of TMAs in wireless networks.

Mr. Peter Sandberg, President, CEO and Director of the Board.
Prior to joining Kaelus he was the general manager of Tobii Technology in China and responsible for establishment of Tobii operations in China commencing in 2008. Earlier in his career Peter worked in a variety of companies such as Powerwave Technologies, LGP Telecom AB, LGP Allgon and Microdata Telecom generally within the field of mechanical design.

Mr. Martin Lundhagen, Executive Vice President , CTO and Director of the Board.
Mr. Lundhagen graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (KTH) in 1997 as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Previously he was Director of Radio System Design at LGP Telecom, as well as Product Line Manager — Antenna Systems at Powerwave Technologies before joining Kaelus.


Mr. Göran WaernströmCIO and CQO.
Prior to joining Kaelus he worked as an IT Management Consultant running his own business. His earlier career also includes positions as Quality & Environmental Manager at LGP Telecom and IT Director at Powerwave Technologies


Mrs. Johanna Sandberg, COO.
She graduated from Luleå University of Technology in 1999 as Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She has worked as General Manager for Microdata Telecom (Suzhou) since 2008. Prior joining Kaelus she had various positions within project management in different companies.


Mr. Oskar Fajerson, CMO. 
Mr. Fajerson graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (KTH) in 1995 with a Master of Science material physics. Prior to joining Kaelus, he was Senior Vice President for EMEA/APAC region at Qmatic and have had several leading roles in other companies within marketing and sales.

Mr Erik Waller, CFO.
Erik graduated from Lunds University 2009, with a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics. Prior to joining Kaelus he was Finance Manager at Eurofins NSC, Sweden. During the period 2013-2018 he was CFO for Microdata Telecom.