Kaelus launches high performance Bench PIM Tester for 5G Antennas

FEB 17, 2021

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Kaelus, a leading supplier of high-quality, PIM test and measurement instruments, Base Station Antennas and RF conditioning solutions, has released a bench PIM tester supporting TX 3660-3800 MHz and RX 3500 - 3980 MHz.

One major challenge with 5G networks is interference between systems. To ensure good workmanship and PIM performance, internal & external testing of PIM is essential. With the iBA-3501 you get a high performance PIM Tester with market leading bandwidth that allows you to fully optimize your manufacturing tests for the 3500MHz band.

  • The iBA-3501 comes with a user-friendly PIM Server interface, providing efficient reports and a powerful analysis tool. 
  • With the Kaelus ACE calibration kit, you will minimize downtime for the instrument calibration to hours, not days, and maximize the operational up time of your investment.
  • Measure PIM on the Low 3700MHz and High 3700MHz, ensuring PIM compliance from 3500-3980MHz, the largest measurement bandwidth in the market.
  • Industry leading residual PIM: -171dBc with 2x46dBm, providing a larger “gap”  between the DUT PIM and Test bench residual PIM, thereby minimizing measurement errors
  • 2 port solution available - significantly shortening the total measurement process time
  • The iBA-3501 product family is based on one common iBA platform and is ready for ordering now, with deliveries starting from April 2021.

For detailed information about the iBA-3501 please visit https://www.kaelus.com/en/test-measurement-solutions/bench-pim-testing/iba-3501-c-d-series.

For inquiries, Kaelus can be contacted at +1-303-768-8080