Boosting C-band 5G with Multi-band Combiners

OCT 30, 2023

C-band spectrum is a crucial resource for 5G wireless networks, as it offers a balance between speed, range and capacity. However, deploying C-band 5G also poses some challenges for mobile operators, such as: 

  • The need to install new antennas and equipment to support the new frequency band 
  • The potential interference and coexistence issues with other services using the same or adjacent bands

One way to overcome these challenges is to use multi-band combiners, which allow combining or splitting multiple frequency bands on a single antenna or cable. Multi-band combiners have several benefits for C-band 5G deployment, such as:

  • Reducing the time and cost of network rollout, as they eliminate the need for new or additional feeder cables which are often expensive and difficult to install. This also simplifies the network design and maintenance, as well as the visual impact and environmental footprint of the network. 
  • Enabling efficient sharing of existing infrastructure and spectrum resources among different technologies and bands, such as low-band, mid-band, and high-band 5G, as well as legacy 4G LTE.  
  • Improving the network performance and coverage by optimizing the signal quality and minimizing the insertion loss and passive intermodulation (PIM) distortion. 

Kaelus Multi-band combiners are available in different configurations and designs, depending on the number and range of bands to combine or split. 

Some examples of multi-band combiners that can support C-band 5G are:

The Kaelus KA-4006 quadruplexer, which combines or splits low bands, PCS+AWS, WCS+BRS and C-band.

The Kaelus KA-3005 triplexer, which combines or splits AWS, PCS, and 3.5 GHz bands.

The Kaelus KA-2016 diplexer, which combines or splits low bands with C-band or LAA.


Multi-band combiners are a cost-effective and flexible solution for adding C-band capacity to a mobile network. They can help service providers deliver a more reliable and speedy 5G experience that is not limited by location or spectrum availability. 

To learn more about multi-band combiners and how they can enhance your C-band deployment, contact us today. 


Technical specifications: KA-2016      KA-2017      KA-3005      KA-3006     KA-3008      KA-4006